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Outdoor whipping of nude and handcuffed woman

Woman was sunbathing naked but then was attacked by pervet, handcuffed and whipped painfully

Sexy nudist is cuffed and whipped against her will on the bech

I' am back in the women whipping niche with a kinky story about a nudist put in handcuffs and whipped by a stranger. Beautiful nude woman in bondage and subjected to corporal punishment - isn't it the thing you were looking for?

Sunbathing woman is about to be abusedMILF is handcuffed by forceThis girl is about to be whipped on a beach

Girls has to keep one's eyes open nowadays because you never know what kind of perverts are walking around. Sunbathing naked at a solitary beach was a mistake: but it was too late for sexy MILF to take actions when some strange guy has attacked her. He took handcuffs out of his pocket and shackled the gorgeous nudist in just a couple of seconds. Woman had found herself completely helpless and unable to runaway because of steel bonds around her wrists.

But handcuffing a girl was just a beginning of pervert's plan. Whipping her is another thing he is about to enjoy. For many long minutes he was lashing defenseless female enjoying each loud hit whip was making against girl's sensual skin. Poor slut was trying to call for help but ended up being gagged with the towel.

Handcuffed girl is lashedWoman is shackled and whipped outdoorsHandcuffed girl is running away

I don't know how, but handcuffed woman is managed to escape from her captivator. Look: with her hands still bound, she is running towards the bushes in the attempt to hide. But the guy is already in pursuit of a fugitive! I wonder, if she is going to make it or end up back in the hands of her tormentor and experience more painful tortures?

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